Sabrina Darwish

Sabrina Darwish treats every case and client with care. Here is what you should expect from Orange County Criminal Lawyer law firm.


Sabrina understands that getting arrested or facing a criminal charge in criminal court can seem very intimidating and overwhelming.  There are many unfortunate consequences that can result from a criminal conviction. A misdemeanor or felony conviction can have a lasting impact not only on yourself and your reputation, but also on your loved ones, your job, and your finances. Such a conviction on your record can greatly affect your chances at future employment or education and can also affect your driving privileges. Sabrina works each case to get the most favorable result so that you may have the best and brightest future possible.

It can be difficult for someone facing criminal charges to stand up before a judge or to negotiate with a prosecutor. If you’re accused of a crime, Sabrina can be at your side from start to finish and help guide you through the whole process.  The District Attorney will send some of their smartest and most articulate lawyers to court to argue for your liberties to be taken away.  Sabrina believes every person accused of a crime deserves a competent and passionate defense attorney by their side.  Only then, can there be a leveled playing field. She uses her experience and sharp skills to argue on your behalf so you don’t have to.


Sabrina has previously worked as a public defender in Riverside county and because of her experience there, she understands the ins and outs of the criminal justice system.  She has unique insight into the whole criminal process.  As a public defender, she represented 20 to 30 clients a day.  She learned her way around a courtroom and how to obtain favorable results for her clients.  As a public defender, she argued countless motions, negotiated many plea deals with prosecutors and stood in front of numerous judges.

She successfully handled thousands of cases and favorably resolved matters involving domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect, shoplifting, fraud, theft, embezzlement, driving under the influence, drug use, drug sales and drug paraphernalia, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury, among many others.

She conducted preliminary hearings and routinely got charges dismissed.  She fought hard in trial and won.  She has earned excellent results for her clients over the years. Her experience over time has turned her into a great negotiator as well as a great trial attorney.


After leaving the Public Defender’s office, Sabrina went on to practice as a private criminal defense attorney in Orange County.  She has been practicing in Orange County for over 10 years.  This is the county she has grown up in and the county in which she resides.  She has a real love for the constituents here.  She has handled countless cases in Orange County and has been to all the courthouses multiple times, from Central Justice Center in Santa Ana to North Justice Center in Fullerton.  Because of her continuous presence in these courts, many judges and prosecutors have gotten to know her well.  And because of that, they treat her with courtesy and respect when she arrives in court.  This goes in her favor when she asks for a reduction in charges or sometimes for a complete dismissal of charges.  She has kept good rapport with judges and prosecutors over the years, so that she can negotiate and ask for the best possible plea deals for her clients.  She continuously displays integrity and utmost professionalism when inside the courtroom.  Her local knowledge of the Orange County courts and procedure help her get the results she desires.


Aside from having over 15 years of experience in the courtroom, she brings forward a calm yet assertive temperament. Great negotiators collaborate when possible, but employ force when necessary.  She continuously fights to make sure that the rights afforded to you by the Constitution are upheld and that your freedoms and liberties are not taken away without just cause.  From the very first day, she takes the time to understand your situation and learn the facts of the case from your side.  She doesn’t make any judgement, she only listens.


Sabrina listens attentively to each and every client for important details to help come up with the best possible defense. She gives you her undivided attention to establish an attorney-client relationship based on honesty and trust.  She keeps anything you tell her in complete confidence and upholds her ethical obligations as an attorney.

Sabrina listens to any concerns that you may have and try to learn what your expectations are for the outcome of your case. She then gives you honest, straightforward advice in regards to the possible outcomes of your case. She does not make any promises just so that you are not let down or surprised once the case resolves.


The key to being successful in a courtroom is preparation. Preparation begins by seeking out information and then determining what is relevant and important to the case. Only when an attorney can understand the case better than the opposing side do they have control of the courtroom. Sabrina diligently prepares each case. This in turn helps her connect with the judge and jury to persuasively demonstrate her knowledge with confidence.

Sabrina begins working for you as soon as she is retained. She starts by conducting her own investigation separate from the police one. She doesn’t accept the facts as laid out in the police report, but conducts her own independent investigation to examine the case from all angles.  Based on what she finds, she asserts an appropriate defense to the prosecutor. Sabrina works diligently to point out the holes in the prosecutor’s case and highlight the most favorable facts of your case to get the best plea bargain achievable.  She aggressively pursues any potential violations of police conduct along with any possible defenses you may have in your case.  Even if the facts or law are not on your side, she presents you in the best possible light and appeals to the prosecutor or judge’s empathy and interest in your rehabilitation.

The greatest chance at keeping a criminal case from being filed or having charges reduced is before formal charges are filed.  If you wait for formal charges to be filed, you may be arrested and then not given such an opportunity at negotiation.  The sooner Sabrina can take control, the sooner she can protect your rights and start negotiating for an ideal outcome.  And if a favorable agreement can’t be reached, she starts preparing your case for trial.


Sabrina begins her trial preparation by conducting a thorough investigation of your case and then analyzing all the facts by carefully pulling them apart. From there, she prepares any and all motions that may pertain to the issues of your case.  Her thorough and persuasive legal writing skills have convinced many judges in the past. But strong writing skills aren’t the only attribute that creates a strong trial attorney. A great trial attorney will also have exceptional interpersonal or “people skills.” She is well-versed at communicating in large audiences, which makes her a likable presence in the courtroom. For you, this can mean the difference between winning and losing at trial. 


Upon starting private practice, keeping a light caseload was one of the most important factors for Sabrina.  After being a public defender with a large volume of cases, Sabrina learned that she was not able to give each of her clients the type of attention they deserved.  She was unable to adequately communicate with her clients due to her heavy caseload.  After Sabrina left the Public Defender’s Office to start her own practice, she vowed to keep a smaller number of cases.  At her law office, she did just that.  Sabrina is very selective of which cases she takes on so she can provide each of her clients with focused and individualized representation. 


Sabrina prioritizes her time to devote to your defense and always make sure to personally handle your case.  She doesn’t hand your case off to a paralegal or legal assistant.  Rest assured when you hire her for her skills and experience, she is the only one showing up in court to fight for your rights.   She is the only one writing the motions that she then personally argues in court.  She is the only one calling the DA on your behalf and then pleading your case in court to the judge. 


Sabrina treats every client like they’re her only client.  She gives you constant access to her services so that you never have to be nervous or wondering what’s coming next.  She is always available to answer any questions that you may have.  She constantly communicates with her clients regarding any developments in their case— big or small.  Sabrina believes if a client is constantly aware and well-informed about the happenings of their case, they will feel more at ease and in turn trust the work that the lawyer does.  Sabrina considers each client her partner in the decision-making process along the way.  Fostering a healthy attorney-client relationship based on trust and open communication is vital to a successful defense.

Darwish Law is a small boutique firm, which exclusively specializes in criminal defense, takes only a limited number of cases in order to maintain close client relationships, and makes each client feel personally comfortable and connected.  It is Sabrina’s continuous and constant goal to be available to all her clients since they entrust her with what is probably the most important event in their lives. Therefore, she gives each client her utmost attention.

Darwish Law is here to handle all your criminal law concerns.  We deal with all types of criminal cases, from DUIs and drug cases to domestic violence and theft crimes.  Sabrina strategizes and defends her clients at every stage of the criminal proceeding, from pre-filing investigation to record-clearing.  She is experienced in dealing with probation violations, pardons, as well as DMV hearings regarding license suspension.  By attending conferences and lectures all over the country, she stays on top of changes in the law that could help her clients’ cases.

When you are facing criminal charges that may have serious consequences for your future, you want the right attorney by your side—one that will listen and genuinely care and fight for your rights with confidence and integrity.  Let Darwish Law take on the stress of your case so that you may sleep better at night.