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I received my undergraduate degree from UCLA where I was part of the honors program.  I then went on to attend Loyola Law School in Los Angeles where I was a mock trial judge.  After finishing law school, I joined the Riverside Public Defender’s Office. As a deputy public defender, I counseled clients on their legal rights and appeared with them at their court hearings. I prepared any necessary legal documents and motions and argued them before the judge.  I also got an award and recognition for winning at trial.  I left the public defender’s office to go on and open up my own law practice.  I wanted to be able to give more time and attention to my clients. 

Having been a public defender now and a private defense attorney for over 10 years, I have gained a lot of training and experience.  I have handled numerous misdemeanor and felony matters in all of the Orange County Superior Courts.  My cases have included drunk driving offenses, drug and theft crimes, domestic violence matters, and assault and battery amongst many others.

When facing a criminal charge, you need a competent and assertive attorney by your side.  A criminal conviction can greatly impact your life and result in probation, jail time, hefty fines and fees, and a criminal record unless you later get it expunged by an attorney.

An effective defense plan begins right when you’re arrested by having an experienced defense attorney speak with a prosecutor on your behalf.  Representation continues at arraignment and proceeds to pre-trial conferences. Defending a criminal case requires expertise in the law since the law is complicated and new laws are constantly coming out.  I have been practicing criminal defense since 2006. My passion lies in defending those who have been accused of a crime.  I understand good people make mistakes or get caught in bad situations or are even wrongfully accused at times.  I make it my mission to give each client the smartest and best possible defense by closely analyzing the facts of the case.

My team and I diligently work on your behalf to come up with a strong and effective defense strategy to get you the most favorable resolution.  We closely analyze the police report to find any loopholes there may be.  Finding problems with the government’s case and presenting reasonable defenses on your behalf is our job and what we do best.  We talk to witnesses, cross-examine police officers, and investigate the incident scene. These are only some of the tactics we use to minimize the evidence against you.  Depending on what’s necessary, we either fight the case at trial or negotiate a reasonable disposition for you or may even get your charges dismissed.  Either way we make sure your rights are protected and you have peace of mind along the way.  We fight to earn your trust and protect your rights.

You need someone on your side who will fight hard. Without a lawyer, you have to face a complicated legal process on your own. I have knowledge and familiarity with the criminal justice system since I was a public defender and have been a criminal defense attorney for over 10 years. When you hire me, you can be sure that you have a skilled professional fighting for you. Don’t risk your freedom!  Give us a call.

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